How You Can Help

I am not actively soliciting financial contributions. More on this below. Where I do need your help is getting on the ballot. People will need to sign a petition for me to get onto the ballot. If you are able and willing, I would like you to sign.

Signatures cannot be collected until the Spring.   I want to find people now who will be willing to sign the petition later.   If you would be willing to sign when the time comes, please complete this form below and one of my team will contact you when signatures can be obtained.

To be eligible to sign the petition (Tex. Elec. Code Ann. ยง 142.009)

  • You must be a registered voter
  • Must live in this district
  • Did not participate in the general primary election or runoff primary election of a party that has nominated, a candidate for this office (Basically, you did not vote in the primary or runoff).

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