Campaign Contributions

More About Campaign Contributions

Earlier I said that I am not actively soliciting financial contributions.  I am not.

Campaign finance is insane.  Huge amounts of money are spent on this.  I have never understood why anyone would spend $100,000 dollars for a job that pays less than $200,000.  Presidential campaigns spend millions of dollars.

The premise that if you contribute $X to me, then your life will be better, does not make sense to me.  Rather than giving me money because I might support something you want to support, instead you can support it directly.  My recommendation is take whatever money you want to donate to me, give it to what you want it to go toward.   Give it to the homeless, donate it to an animal shelter or spend your time at a local school.  Do it directly.  It will have a bigger impact than filtering it through me.

Campaign finance is really complicated.  People get into lots of trouble because of how they handle money.  I don’t want to.  My focus needs to be on connecting with the district, not spending my way into office.  Even if there is not a requirement to do so, I am happy to share with you where any money comes from or where it goes.

Of course, I recognize it takes money to get elected.  Someone might want to contribute money or provide support to my campaign and I would probably accept it, but I don’t plan to go looking for it.

For now, I am spending my own money.  It is probably not a realistic way to run for office, but that is where things are at.  Part of my belief is that political office should not be out of reach for someone.